Our Wudai Quest

    While it hardly seems necessary to give a reason for giving the gift of comedy, we would like to express that our feelings toward Xiaolin Showdown Abridged go beyond those  given to a mere  parody.  LittleKuriboh has written that while Yu-Gi-Oh! the Abridged Series is a fulfilling and enjoyable project for him, his greater purpose for making it is to bring attention to a great plot and cast of characters that often take a backseat to  the show's commercial agenda. In this spirit, we also feel that our productions are in themselves purposeful in addition to enjoyable. Despite its seemingly traditional setup, Xiaolin Showdown is a one-of-a-kind show that meant a tremendous amount to us and our friends when it was on during our childhood. The series may have ended, but its disappearance from the airwaves altogether is heartbreaking and denying the growing generation a beautifully rendered, wholesome, and thought provoking cartoon. As described in its first Kid's WB promo, it is indeed a masterpiece, and deserves to live on. We know that there are many who feel the same way, and bringing attention back to the awesome adventures of the Four Dragons is a necessary mission, as well as a wonderfully gratifying one.

This petition we found circulating on YouTube just prior to the genesis of XSA is for a 4th Season of Xiaolin Showdown. Jeff Allen (http://www.youtube.com/user/JeffAllenX), the show's director, has stated awareness of and interest in this petition, so let's let those TV Execs know who we are!

Sign it, and be a part of the solution! http://www.freewebs.com/4th-season-of-xiaolin-showdown/guestbook.htm

                                      The Players

Iartlife (Mixmeister)

In the role of:
Master Fung

Iartlife is very graciously hosting the Abridged Series on his YouTube page. He is very proud to be the first black man ever to abridge anything, and is at the same time surprisingly willing to take orders from his Jewish writing chief. In the words of Theo Huxtable, "Hey, we're all brothers."

KatKafka (Scriptmeister)

In the role of:
Daddy Bailey

Among other things, KatKafka enjoys acting, cats, and acting like cats. He would like to point out that voice modifiers are used for his Wuya only because he cannot manage to supress the incredible manliness of his voice. If you are not satisfied with his jokes, he promises to come to your house and wash your dishes free of charge.


In the role of:
Jack Spicer

TinyGuido was present when the creators had the collective seizure leading to the beginning of Xiaolin Abridged. He has proven himself to be very worthy of his role by being  Master of technology and extremely proficient at finding picayune video game sound effects on the net.

Fh58k a.k.a. Fautor Animus

In the role of:
We are very fortunate to have Fautor Animus working with us, as he is a good-to-honest, real life Buddhist. We have no idea what that means, but it will doubtlessly be an invaluable asset to translating the tidbits of Laozi hidden throughout the series.


In the role of:

Despite being occasionally confused by her character's impromptu wardrobe changes, RedRose has done an excellent job portraying Spoiled Brat-san. This may be due to the fact that she is inch-for-inch just as tall as her character.


In the role of:
The Sapphire Dragon

Unfortunately, LiquidBlu's gargantuan Jew-fro prevents him from wearing his character's signature 10-gallon hat. In retrospect, there is no reason this would at all be necessary, but everyone in the cast has without a doubt considered that impossibility at least once since we've begun working.


In the role of:

Kavari initially expressed some discomfort toward the sexual nature of her lines as Pussy Galore, but for some reason, insisted that she continue to voice the character regardless. We simply could not accommodate her request to read her lines  standing in an empty room, face to face with a wall, but she never the less managed to spit out an acceptable interpretation. We find it ironic that as hard as it was to get Kavari to act sexually, it wasn't until she was surrounded by recording equipment that we finally got her to.

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